One-letter Posters

Personal projects and works for clients with one idea: one letter on poster/postcard is more then enough to catch viewer's eye. 
"This is continuous project with event posters and postcards." Olga Protasova.

Design: Olga Protasova.
Location: Kyiv.

Poster for my workshop in Odessa
Client: Zeleniy Teatr 
Year: 2016
My New Year's postcard
Self-initiated work
Year: 2015
Poster for my lecture about material lettering
Client: School of visual communication, Kyiv 
Year: 2015
Valentine's Day postcards
Self-initiated work
Year: 2015
More about this project here
Poster for Pecha-Kucha IT-Women
Client: Pecha-Kucha Kyiv
Year: 2015
My favorite: Poster for Behance Portfolio Review #8. Love this event
Client: Behance Ukraine community
Year: 2015
Poster for illustrators' gathering
Client: Illustractor community
Year: 2015
Postcards for Valentine's Day
Self-initiated work
Year: 2013
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