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Scandinavian Bedroom


Scandinavian Bedroom

"Scandinavian Bedroom - the place where the creative vision of the owner defines the overall design of the living space, supplementing it with highly-personalized and precious things such as paintings, books or photos. Scandinavian style is highly appreciated for the interwovenness of comfort, natural materials and elegance. Due to the large window and weightless curtains, bedroom is filled with natural light and air. Soft linens in the design, warm wood materials and vintage items create a mental space for relaxation. The use of sliding doors as an efficient solution allows to separate the bathroom from the bedroom and at the same time, leaves the open space untouched. An interesting feature is the absence of a wardrobe in the bedroom. All things hang on open racks by this visually increasing floor area. Pretty handmade chandelier could be considered a dominant feature of the room, making the bedroom cozy, bright and noble. In the nutshell, this space - not just a bedroom, but a place for creativity, dreaming and love." Aleksandra Nuzhnaya.

Design: Aleksandra Nuzhnaya
Location: Dnepr

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