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Almaty 4


Almaty 4

The interior of the apartment was designed for young three-member family. The flat is located in a new building with a free layout and panoramic windows, and designers could realize the project creating the most comfortable space. So they planned a combined kitchen-living room area, complete bedrooms for the parents and their daughter, three bathrooms, a spacious dressing-room and a guest room. 

To create the interior, designers operate with planes, volumes and shape. The main palette of the apartment is neutral, sustained in soothing, quiet colors. The mail color is white with a touch of gray and beige. Veneered wall panels in the living room create the emphasis, which adds austerity to the interior. Also, designers set a place for the storage space. There is a large built-in wardrobe, hidden in a niche in the hallway. It is suitable for storing seasonal clothes and shoes. Full dressing room is organized adjacent to the bedroom, what is comfortable and functional.

The apartment has large panoramic windows and lot of sunlight, so most of lamps are here for a visual emphasis, like the mat floor lamp and the stand lamp in the living room. But a dining table is illuminated by a large hanging chandelier.

The interior is modern, minimalistic and personalized. No less it is very functional - the apartment has everything to live, rest and work here with full comfort.

Design: Nika Vorotyntseva
Location of the object: Almaty your social media marketing partner