Little apartment. CGI

"Once i had a task to make a visualization of kitchen design. After this i decided to make a full design of main room of apartment. I had a desire to create a modern apartment with elements of scandinavian style.  I divided the room into three zones: kitchen zone, living zone and dinning zone. Thanks to two wall sides with windows, room is filled with natural light and air. Main furniture elements made with using natural materials. I also filled the room with some elements of furniture and decor to give contrast and make room more interesting. For example in living zone i set a blue saturated rug and bag chair for a contrast with warm wood floor. I tried to do all images with using classical composition schemes, like pyramidal scheme and rule of thirds for making project more attractive." Aleksey Krivosheyev

Design: Aleksey Krivosheyev
Location of the object: Kharkiv your social media marketing partner