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ELIXIR BAR - new themed establishment in the city center. It combines comfort, style, good thematic atmosphere and  history. Everyone can find something what has never found in another establishment before. It's based on city's history ,which makes background for furniture and elements. It was made by sketches of Igor Kostin team. Despite not large dimensions we managed to make it as functional. Every centimeter   is very important and we found the correct location in the interior.

In his area of 65 sq.m. ELIXIR have  convenient and interesting layout. The first floor serves as an open kitchen and a store that features the ability chefs, a wide range of goods and openness to the visitor. In the warm season, at the entrance, placed a summer area with tables where everyone can enjoy the assortment institution outdoors. Basement floor creates an atmosphere RELAX zone where you can smoke hookah with cocktails and relax on theme nights. This place is full of creative spirit and cozy atmosphere, which is primarily aimed at young and enterprising people. It will be  the most favorite place for customers and always being remembered forever.

Design: Igor Kostin
Location of the object: Lviv your social media marketing partner