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Modern green apartment


Modern green apartment

Various combinations of dark shades and dimmed directed light - the interior of this apartment in Kyiv inclines to rest. The designers of the Archia design bureau were entrusted to turn a small apartment of 60 sq. m. into a modern men’s interior, where one can relax from the city noise and enjoy the quiet and tranquility. The small area has become a natural stop while carrying out architectural replanning of the apartment, that is why there is no extra space, only an entrance hall, kitchen, living room and bedroom.

Rejecting the second sanitary facility, the designers have increased the entrance hall area, making it wider and more comfortable, and the absence of the door to the hall shows hospitability and improves the  illumination intensity of the entrance hall.The laconism, simplicity and dark shades predominate in said interior. Each room has its own discreet accent. Dark shades of black and green, open wooden surfaces, decorative plasters imitating concrete and gypsum panels render the interior look of rigour and simplicity, providing an interesting combination of colours, textures and materials. Due to such a combination of the materials, the interior looks levelled and calm, and the directed light creates a pleasant relaxing atmosphere in the evening.

Design: Archia design bureau
Location of the object: Kyiv your social media marketing partner