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Benedict daily bar


Benedict daily bar

Describe your interior style in a few words. 

When we started the project we didn’t have the aim to use one particular style. It is important for us to see and to understand the place in its original look. And only after the dismantling we saw the base we have to work with - brick walls, concrete, metal piers fastening. Complementing this all with wood, metal structures, open wiring and ventilation, we got the interior with the elements of loft. 

Why the main colors are black and yellow? 

At first it should be mustard, because mustard is one the main fillers for hot dogs. But mustard looks "dirty" in the artificial light (here we had a very little natural light), that’s why we chose the bright yellow, and it goes well with the dark gray (color of the walls and ceiling) and dark green (the color of wooden panels).

Bar stools catch the eye. They are very comfortable. What brand is it and why you choose them? 

As it turned out, the range of furniture producers and suppliers in the industrial category is not that wide. And as many new similar-style places are opening these days, there was almost nothing left in the in availability. We wanted to order bar stools made-to-measure, but didn’t have extra month. Finally we chose bar stools from the Polish factory Signal, and they fit perfectly into the interior.  

The fixtures over the bar are designed by you?

Yes, we designed the bar lighting by our own, as well as the furniture, except the stools. Metal lamp design follows the design of the table base. To maximize the bar tabletop and barmen work area highlighting, we have added copper plates, which works as reflectors. 

What was the most difficult or unusual in the implementation of the interior?

We were very lucky with the customers, they cooperated with us and what is the most important, were ready to change and develop. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about the builders. But that is the headache almost every architect and designer has during working process. 

Graphic design: Aleksandr Gusakov

Photo: Ivan Avdeenko


Design: The GOORT
Location of the object: Kharkiv 
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