Crazy Loft

"While being inspired by the works of Sergey Levantin (Lvov Sergey) we've made a creative madness: one of our least expensive, but still one of the most original ones. 
Crazy Loft!
The apartment on the last, technical floor of a skyscraper in Kyiv, combines several styles at the same time: Loft with some pop-art elements. 
If you look closer, you notice that the ceiling remains untouched - all the wires are external. It appears to be very authentic and swiftly connects different design elements altogether. For walls we used sandstone. 
To save some space we thought through a couple of creative approaches. Check out the moving kitchen table, that can be easily transformed for the romantic dinner or to the bar. 
You may also notice the absence of a bath in the bathroom. We decided not to waste priceless centimeters on the massive iron rims, to make improvised pool from tiles. Unpainted concrete ceiling underline diverse interior colors of the apartment: yellow, blue and pink gave us liveliness and harmony. 
So, everything is possible in this apartment: you can have a pool, ride a bike and enjoy the view on Kyiv from the balcony, where you can get through the inner window. Here is what you get, when you don't limit your designer." Ilya Kovalenko 

Design: Lauri Brothers
Location of the object: Kyiv your social media marketing partner