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The modern interior


The modern interior

"Our task was to design a functional space with many covert stores. It should be comfortable life space for young couple where they can stay and welcome guests.

The interior contains a dressing room for two persons, household place with washing and drying machines, and organizer for household chemicals. Small owner’s toilet was transformed into spacious bathroom with two sinks and a big shower compartment for two.

We designed a bedroom as a separate, inclosed space where owners can find all what they need. Yellow wall made with curved metal panels is the brightest visual accent in the room.

The main concept of a kitchen-living room is its multitasking. When the owner needs maximum of space she can use the kitchen work surface and the whole island for cooking, and in case of party with friends the island turns into a table for 6 persons.

We tried our best to combine maximum usage of furniture and accessories from Ukrainian designers, as well as the German brand appliances and plumbing.

We used interesting transformer hangers, bookshelf and coffee table made by Solidhorse company. Chairs fox and other items are made by Lazariev design. Sofa by Interia, light by Kononenko ID, OM architecture and Object No. Vigordesign  helped us with the implementation of metal panels. Painting of Lorenzo Bernini sculpture was made Alexander Klimenko." Ilya Taslitsky

Photo by Alexander Danilchuk

Location of the object: Kyiv


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