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Project in Poznyaki district


Project in Poznyaki district

The apartment is designed for a young family. In addition to the required functionality interior is decorated in modern design trends. There are no feeling of cold in this apartment and egocentricity doesn't blowing from him.

'Our house - it is our prisons; but we will find freedom in there, if we can decorate them according to our own.' So uncompromisingly Coco Chanel marked the value of the interior design in everyday life. And so we are working hard to create the personal freedom for everyone in it's home's.

Inside the studio, we have assigned to this project the code name 'benevolent interior'. The combination of texture of natural wood with white satin and glossy surfaces, shades of gray in the relief of the walls and textiles + some soft color accents, create an atmosphere of home warmth and comfort. Someone's freedom looks exactly that way.

Wooden frame along the walls and ceiling from the hallway to the living area is a unifying element. This design emphasizes the amount of space and zoning the common day area from private rooms. To create a weightless flying effects, built-in kitchen furniture raised on to a small step.

Traditional planning from builder we transformed into an apartment with an open common space of kitchen-dining-living room and personal rooms: a bedroom and a nursery.At the entrance we design the dressing room. Bathroom has contained the function of a laundry room.

Design: K BAND
Location of the object: Kyiv

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