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Scandinavian - GRAY


Scandinavian - GRAY

It doesn’t need to use much effort to create an accommodation of your dreams with sufficient funds. But to create the architectural masterpiece just using simple solutions and avoiding fanciful elements is not so simple task. Starting work I had a problem - to create something new, something extremely different from typical things in the Swedish design.

Apartments are made in bold colors. The walls of dining room are painted in gray, but it does not make it cold. In the kitchen the white tiles create the feeling of privacy, separating it from the rest of the space. This color in the Scandinavian style is used to see everyone. But few people allow themselves to combine white elements with gray walls. It's quite a bold decision, but it looks pretty and unusual. Also, thanks to contrasting elements, it looks elegant and stylish. Black and white materials create the balance that immediately catches the eye.

This is not the place for a family man. The children are not admitted. It is shown by bold pictures, sharp corners and glass elements. It is rather the place for self-motivated people. The bold minimalism approaches for free, no encumbered people, in whose the spirit of adventure lives.

Original, bold and even daring solutions make this house stylish and modern, but at the same time, it has a place for coziness.

Design: Maksym Samun'
Location: Dnepr your social media marketing partner