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Children’s Room


Children’s Room

Minimalistic and airy children’s room 

Our main object was to create a comfortable room for two children of different age, preserving private space for each. Project was interesting and we started the work being very inspired. 

Two lovely tenants of the room are the school-age young princess and the little heir. With the help of colorful children's wallpaper we divided the room into two zones: for a boy and for a girl. We rejected the idea of bunk bed, since we believe that a single bed is essential for private space.

Furniture arrangement of the room we entrusted to the Danish company LIFETIME. For the boy we chose the original bed with a small play area, with curtains which help to alone with toys anytime. For the girl - romantic bed with a baldachin, that can also be a playing zone. Two separate wardrobes and two racks for toys help not only to maintain the boundaries of personal space, but also teach children to be independent. A small table with chairs is the only element that unites these two worlds.

As for colors, we have chosen white with bright emphasis of original wallpaper, colorful rugs and cushions. This unusual combination made the room very light and airy.

Design: Kristina Petraitis
Location: Odessa your social media marketing partner