One Room Apartment

Our client was a girl who exactly knew what atmosphere she wants to live in, but could not embody all her thoughts in a certain visual image of the apartment. We wanted to create the feeling of freedom and lightness in a small space. We combined living room with a kitchen and living room with a bedroom with a glass partition which can be curtain off. Аlmost all the furniture is custom-made here. We made it all in the same style with light wood: birch and oak, with rounded corners and beveled edges. Thus, we added more feminity to the interior. Contrasts between dark floors and light-colored furniture, between textures and structures create the general image of the space and emphasize the naturalness and "freshness" of light wood.

The apartment interior is ergonomic and stylish. It has a fairly large wardrobe, all the necessary appliances, and a convenient kitchen. This apartment was made in one breath and with a great pleasure.

Design: Studio PINE
Location of the object: Kyiv your social media marketing partner