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Apartment Bogatyrskaya


Apartment Bogatyrskaya

see Idea. Stylistics.

There was a main task for us: to maintain an independent space of the future children's room and master bedroom, and all the remaining space merge into open-space.

Interior in the European tradition: minimalism with elements of Scandinavian style.

Monochrome gray-white walls completed with the texture of wood, as well as accent colors in the form of textiles and furniture elements. Functional.

The configuration of the apartment from the developer were changed. Kitchen and dining room combined with living room - formed a single open space in which people passes the largest number of active pastime.

Dining room from the living room separated by a decorative wall with shelves. Through it, you can not only spy on the events taking place in the area of the living room, but also to create moody compositions of decor, crockery, books and all sorts of other things.

To visually enlarge the living room and put off the wall with the TV, it painted in graphite color. Wall shelves and standing along these wall furniture emphasize the length of the living room, at the same time look easy and weightless.There is a convenient 2-band dressing room in the bedroom, behind a sliding system. Which was formed thanks to a concrete pylon from the builder in the middle of the room.We upgrade a pylon with the mirror to dissolve it in a room. All the furniture and interior details in the bedroom are standing to the conditional "equator" line of the room. The space looks lighter and airier.


Design: K BAND
Location of the object: Kyiv your social media marketing partner