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Hidden Gold


Hidden Gold

As usual we work with interiors in minimalistic style. But this time we decided to create the interior of the apartment in a slightly different direction. Today we want to show the general area that includes a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a hallway. Deep blue color dominates in the kitchen and dining room, which emphasizes the wooden kitchen facades and contrasts with the artificial stone island, which looks like marble. Thin copper lines, traced in the lighting and in the decoration of the furniture, add elegance to the space and gloss. Living room is made in light colors and creates calmer atmosphere for family activities. A spacious hall, which leads to the child and the game room, equipped with a functional storage system. There is also decorated area with mirrors and consoles, which, as the walls in the dining room, painted in deep blue. 
Visualization: A. Czerwinski

Design: Azovskiy&Pahomova Architects 
Location of the object: Kyiv

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