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Apartment "Yakoviv"


Apartment "Yakoviv"

One of our latest projects Tribute to modernity is like personality with own emotions.

The project is full of life and filled with peculiarities of genre it was created in. This is the case when apartment is tightly connected with emotions of the owner and underlines and decorates them. 

This apartment of 130 sq m is designed for IT specialist and his two cheerful cats. We combined kitchen and balcony to make it more spacious, lighter and more friendly. The mix of dark blue and warm copper creates the special depth in the interior. 

The living room combines three zones: dining room with table for quest, main zone of living room with sofa and big TV and separate working space, where you can comfortably read books and develop yourself. 

Big glass doors are hiding balcony from the rest of the room. Bedroom and home office are quite strict and laconic, however extraordinary sprayed paintings together with electric light elements stunningly complete the interior.

Combination of paints, tile and light effects together with darkness in one space are truly amazing. This was a brave challenge, which we succeded to fulfill.

Design: Polygon design & architecture 
Location of the object: Lviv your social media marketing partner