This 45 sqm apartment is located in a renovated three-storeyed cottage, that was converted into a six-apartments house. 

The owners of designed apartment are very energetic and creative people, who love arhitecture, art and travelling, of course.

The concept of this project is pretty simple: use every corner for comfort life (regarding individuality of habbitants). Multifunctional space incorporates living room with kitchen, tiny bedroom-transformer, working-station for two and big bathroom - without bath, because clients don't need it.

The 'sleeping zone' is located on wooden podium with geometric pattern on it. Inside of podium were designed drawers for pillows or something else. This construction also implements the function of sitting place in living room for guests. Living room doesn't have a TV but the main detail here is record-player 'Corvet' with good sound system. 

By the way, in this design you almost wouldn't find purchased furniture - because of low budget - the most part of furniture and lights would be made of painted plywood, osb and paper mache (for lamps).  

This space has different artistical solutions, but in our opinion, the most notable feature is a mosaic made of broken tiles and geometric patterns that appear in various places and give some special tone to this design project.

Design: Noor design 
Location of the object: Kyiv your social media marketing partner