FRIENDS English Club

1. It seems a challenge to combine such a bright pallete with achromatic colors. Why have you chosen the orange as an emphasis? 

The school interior inherits its new identity. Before developing the interior concept we created graphic corporate identity that reflects the idea of the brand. We decided to accentuate with a color one wall which passes through all rooms. Orange was one of the brand pallete colors and it looks great with a white background. 

2. Graphic elements on the walls look ingenious. Why and how did you create them? 

Inscriptions applying to students and school staff are one of the most important points to create the style. The aim of the school is to give its support and presence to the students. Such motivating and informing inscriptions share the positive mood with the students and teachers.

We made these inscriptions on the walls with a spray paint using many stencils. For each letter we used two stencils and two paint colors.

3. While glance through your studio projects it is easy to notice your passion about letters and fonts. Why is it so?

It is easy. We just love letters. The elegance and beauty of the letter form can be compared with any picture.  

4. What was the most difficult in the implementation of the project? 

The project is successfully realized and that means that we overcame all the difficulties. But we can remember that we worked hard to create optimal rooms’ layout and implement every detail of the interior. The complex, irregular shapes of the space made the process of its organizing and the work of construction crews more complicated. 

Photo: Ivan Avdeenko

Design: The GOORT
Location of the object: Dnepr your social media marketing partner