"Island" apartment

One-room 48 sq.m. apartment appeared as a result of redevelopment two-room and three-room flats. The owner designed one big four-room flat for himself and this studio-apartment for rent.  The flat for rent got not the best part of total living space as here left only one balcony window. Thus the area was designed and planned almost "from scratch". Since the apartment is for rent, we didn’t give much space for the kitchen. We put the bar counter instead of dining table behind the sofa. It separates the lounge area and the passage to the kitchen and cabinet in a niche opposite the bar. Loggia is connected with the main living zone to expand the space and increase the amount of natural light in the apartment. Also according to the design plan the person often is in the center of the room.

The interior materials are not expensive; a lot of plywood, furniture and lighting manufacturers are all budget friendly. Plywood performs both functional and decorative role. Cabinets, podium, and the walls facing are made of it. Facing protects the walls from pollution and damaging, if necessary it is easy to replace some part. Plywood with its pleasant warm colors, natural structure and decorative trim creates a homy atmosphere.

We named this project "The Island" as on a small area we tried to create a cozy bungalow with natural materials, wicker chandeliers, wallpaper with palm trees and pastel-green wall with sophisticated tincture.

Now the apartment is under implementation.

Design: Leo D'uk Design
Location of the object: Lviv

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