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CMS Group Headquarters


CMS Group Headquarters

СMS Group (Creative Marketing Solutions Group) the largest advertising holding company in Ukraine providing full range of advertising services. CMS Group (former Tabasco Group) started in 2006 when Alexander Gorlov - managing partner of the group, established creative agency Tabasco. Alexandr shared a vision of constructive and convenient working place for the company founders and employees.  The vision was a showcase of the company that would reflect the spirit and values of CMS Group.

FILD follows the concept of “advertising workshop” interior design making, abandoning traditional perception of an office space. Alexandr Gorlov says that advertisement is rather a craft than an art. The goal was to create a house of crafting - a workshop for advertisement instead of a traditional office space. 

In fact, the project mainly consists of certain designed decorative elements that maintain the constructive and functional purpose. FILD basic idea is to create widely open, spacious, light interior environment. Color palate of the furniture accent monochromic general concept. Walls, floor, all engineering nets on the ceiling, and decorative steel grid are painted in one light grey color. FILD designer, Dan Vakhrameyev, maximizes glass partitions to emphasize the aerial scent of the location.

The layout includes 3 cabinets of the managing partners, large and small meeting room, reception, “cosy” waiting area, 5 separated cabinets for employees, connected with department managers, kitchen, server room, and 3 WCs. 

Reception is a metal base carcass decorated with a steel grid. The dark blue color reflects the branding of the CMS group and makes the reception a centerpiece of the entrance hall. New model of the pendant light - Bevel, manufactured by FILD, complements the composition of shades. 

Smooth curvy lines and soft fabrics of Scandinavian style furniture also follow the main color palate of the interior: dark navy blue, pastel blue and light grey. Big meeting room serves as a conference room for up to 16 people and has an extra option to become an open presentation space. Glass partitions can be moved aside and tabletop divides into 2 parts for multifunctional use. Space capacity increases up to 50-60 guests.

Small meeting room “Cube” is integrated into light grey interior and its dark blue color excels from the calm palette. Round table and lounge chairs create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere, pendant SO5 lamps by FILD spread spotted light over the table highlighting its roundish shape. 

Kitchen and wardrobe are hidden from the glance of guests behind the steel decorative panel. 

Managing partners’ rooms are similar in lay outing and interior concept. SO8 pendant lamps are installed above the executives’ tables. The lamp designed and manufactured by FILD has gained its global recognition and new models of the Bevel lamp are in use above the small tea tables in the lounge zone of the room. 

Basic work light panels were designed for CMS Group interior and manufactured in main color palate of the interior in 3 different sizes. The unique door handles were crafted with names of the executives and the departments to avoid standard design decision.

The employees cabinets were designed in practical, minimalistic and functional way. Tables and shelving units were created for the project and produced by the custom made sketches. In order to provide each employee with personal lighting comfort – SO5 spot pendant lamps were selected. Each WC has its own individual color within common constructive style of performance.

To emphasize simplicity and “advertising workshop” concept FILD designer left gas-concrete blocks decorative wall unpolished and exposed, revealing unusual pattern of the bricks lay out. FILD highly appreciates incredible experience of a new place creation from the scratch and enjoys the creative process with a team!

Photo: Andrey Bezuglov 

Design: FILD
Location of the object: Kyiv your social media marketing partner