Beige slide

“Beige slide” project is made for an apartment in residential complex Novopecherskie Lipki.

This flat is large enough: 142 m2. The main task we got was to use all this space in the right way. How? The best decision is correct zoning. What we did? At first we combined living room and kitchen. It helped to make 3 different areas in one common space: for cooking (kitchen), eating (dining place) and relaxing (living “room” itself).

Also this flat has 3 bedrooms: main bedroom, children`s and guest. Each of them has own wardrobe. Main bedroom has a bathroom which is separated with a glass wall, but also has automatic rolladens (in case you need some privacy:). Children`s bedroom and main bedroom (mostly for parents) don`t have common walls: any noise can disturb its habitants. There is also one more bathroom, which has both bath and shower. Contemporary minimalism made this apartment not just functional, but also cozy and full of light. Wooden details which go through the whole project made it alive; concrete kitchen – modern. And the whole space used rationally.

Design: ArchAnts  Studio
Location of the object: Kyiv
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