Hostel Friday

Friday Hostel is conveniently located in the heart of Odesa.The hostel designed for 50 guests is placed in the mansard of a building included in the list of Odesa architectural monuments.The space of the hostel can be divided into two main zones: the private zone and the social zone.The Private zone was designed according to the rules of the Hostel association which specify the number of the bathroom facilities and tre rooms' area. Every room is unique, so each guest has a chance to choose an ideal place to relax. 'Friday' has unique furniture, designed specially for the hostel.

While working on his project, we were inspired by the experience of the Bauhaus school. It is especially delightful to look at the combinations of colors, natural materials and infographic decoration. Hostel 'Friday' is the reflection of our passion and principles.

Design: Balance architects
Location of the object: Odessa

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