VIEWS 2527 Vlad Kislenko

The Room


The Room

The main idea of the interior refers to a modern English country house. Wood prevails in walls dressing: ponderous oak surfaces are perfectly in accord with concrete walls, and white plaster complements the whole image.

Despite the gloominess of concrete-wood combination, the interior is very airy, comfortable and modern.

Space planning is functional and openly. The linchpin of a bedroom is the bed with a wide headboard. There is a spacious wardrobe with a huge mirror behind a trunking wall. Suspended cabinets create the easiness, which is presented throughout the whole interior. Architectural feature of the object are inclined ceilings, 3 to 5 meters high.

The bathroom embodies a concept of lightness, with its roomy space and suspended fitment. 

Design: Vlad Kislenko
Location of the object: Moscow your social media marketing partner