Design Apartment

Apartment for a young family in the centre of the Khmelnitskyi city, with a total area of 125 m2.

The original plan was limited just a small concrete partitions, which allowing made the most open and functional layout. The main wish of the customers was to create a modern interior in warm colors gamma. This was the starting pointNatural daylight fill the rooms through the large stained-glass windows. The color scheme is calm and diluted purple and green accents, customers favorite colors. The kitchen and living room are one flowing into each other's space, limited only concrete partition functionally outdrawn for televisions and equipment and decorate shelves. The bedroom has a balcony with panoramic view on the river and the park, access to which is an easy sliding partition. Children's room for a girl made in violet and pink tones, filled with details and divided into zones for games, sleep and learning. 

Design: Solovei Nataliia
Location of the object: Khmelnitskyi your social media marketing partner