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This space was created for the company of our friend Slava Khomitsky. The objective was to achieve a multifunctional space. Despite the fact of using rather cost-effective approach, there was an absolute trust in all ideas which came just on the fly. Three main zones are combined in the interior: the office part for a comfortable work of the team, the central zone for the training courses and workshops conducting, and the exhibition zone for the products presentation. The zone of the kitchen dining room and the lavatories are located at the remote part of the office.

Rather simple materials were used in the implementation of the interior. Paper form columns which are four-meters high en masse created some kind of "partitions" dividing the office zone from the central zone. They are diluted with a transparent wall of the black circles from the same paper form, but of smaller diameter. In the exhibition area - the cross-shaped demonstration stands for the products were built with the help of a cavity brick painted in white color. It was decided to separate the exhibition zone by means of the pillars made from old cardboard drums which were wrapped in corrugated board and highlighted by directed beams from above. For the furniture production the plywood and wood were used.

The entire interior was made in one color layout, which contributes to the integrity of the space. With the help of the lighting we placed greater focus on important details and textures. For example, by illuminating the columns, we accentuated the height of the premises. The depth is added by black curtains which are hanged almost along all façade walls.

The chairs VOKU in the presentation zone were developed by FORM bureau specifically for this space.  Traditional lines of Chinese furniture inspired us to create a chair VOKU. The chair has the smooth, but at the same time strong lines. Its seat is comfortable enough, since it has a concave shape, and the depth of black color accentuates it even more. And besides, it is possible to not only sit on it, but to stand as well.

Design: FORM architectural bureau
Location of the object: Kyiv






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