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Liuba Kushnir

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Apartment for a young family

The project is designed in a contemporary style. The color palette of the interior is dominated by bright colors, white and soft greys. Materials are concrete, wood, marble. Brass is used for the contrast. During the development of this project my main task was to create a bright, stylish, spacious, uncluttered and functional interior with a sense of ease, comfort.

enter  The entrance area smoothly flows into a spacious living room with an open kitchen and dining area. Comfort atmosphere in the room is created by warm lighting and soft highlights. I would like to draw your attention to the design of book shelves in the dining area. The shelves are closed with light wooden partitions, which gives a sense of order and privacy. The main emphasis in this room is a decorative element on the wall in the dining area.

 The bedroom serves for rest and relaxation. When you enter the bedroom you feel lightness as it has maximum space for a comfortable stay. A spacious dressing room is equipped with a convenient storage system, it can help to save space and avoid a lot of closets throughout the apartment. Clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, hats can be placed in the dressing room. Everything is thought through here. Each family member has enough space for personal belongings.

 The bathroom is very spacious and functional. The emphasis in this room is the bathtub in the middle of the room. The white marble creates a sense of calm and luxury. Brass suspension lamps add warmth and comfort. The combination of closed and opened shelves make this room functional and comfortable.

Design: Liuba Kushnir
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