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MYKHALIKHA Architectural bureau




"Our Architectural bureau was founded in 2014 by an architect Taras Mykhalikha and a designer Iryna Mykhalikha. The key areas of the bureau are architectural design of private houses and interior design.

source Architecture is our life literally - the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. We go through huge amount of data without stop to generate new ideas and to create new concepts. While we respect and draw inspiration from culture, art, and history, we seek innovation of the present day. " Taras Mykhalikha 

The main advantage of this apartment was a gorgeous view on the city of Lviv. We gave away numerous small rooms and closets to the open space. There are no strict borders in the design – the space flows form one area to another with only visual boundaries to separate them. The content of the interior is rather modest – there are as few items as possible. However, many facades cover large storing spaces. Complex engineering is successfully hidden. Such set of solutions provides the light and breathable interior without scarifying comfort and necessary storage systems. Each element of design combines distinct geometric forms, straight lines and color.

Design: Taras Mykhalikha & Iryna Mykhalikha
Location of the object: Lviv
Alexander Angelovskiy


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