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Design studio Lauri Brothers




The new project by Lauri Brothers design studio. These apartments were created for sale - therefore, the priority was to create a universal modern interior, that everyone will enjoy. The interior should have turned out to be simple, comfortable and practical in terms of color and stylistics. Besides that, the owner wanted to get in the interior a spacious kitchen-living room, a wardrobe, two bedrooms and a guest bathroom. Initially, the kitchen in the apartment was a separate functional area, but after re-planning it became possible to change it and increase the area from 83 sq. m to 89 sq. m. The main colors in the palette are white and gray, accompanied by light wood shades. In the main bathroom, we chose a tile of the old copper color, and the overall wardrobe was decorated in an unconventional black. Visually, to expand the spacious living room even more, we hid the kitchen. In the bedrooms warm colors and textures are dominated, creating the necessary feeling of coziness.

Design: Design studio Lauri Brothers
Location of the object: Kyiv your social media marketing partner