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Local baker


Local baker

"Local baker" or "Misceviy pekar" is a brand new bakery located in historical centre of Odessa in Preobrazhenskaya str. On the area of 50 sqm we had to make space for cooking, selling and eating products made here. 

The budget for construction and renovation was strongly limited, so the main idea was to keep as much existing stuff as possible. We were lucky to find some wooden lath on wooden planks in both in perfect condition underneath the armstrong ceiling . Client trusted the disegner, so we just cleaned the lath and covered it with wood vanish. The wall diveding the bakery and the shop is made of plywood. The face of the counter is covered with "underground" tiles. 

The layout of tiles quotes the pattern of the spike. The lighting is made with industrial lamshades produced in Ukraine to create worm and domestic athmosphere. There is a quote from the logo creating the pattern on the wall. Few authentic details of traditional bakery represent decoration.

Design: EK Design studio
Location of the object: Odessa your social media marketing partner