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Tkachova Daria

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Back to Black Minimalistic interior with a balanced amount of concrete and dark color.
This apartment has a total area of 200 sq m and have combined kitchen and living room. This project was designed for young man who lives alone, about that can say dark colors and a lot lather in furniture.In interior dominated monochromic colors and tones and a lot concrete on ceiling and floor.
During the development of this project my main goals was make restrained,modern and very strict interior.For this i decide to use hard furniture - dark kitchen designed by Poliform,kitchen set by Natuzzi and lather sofa by Erba. Also I'm use black marble and green palm-it became once bright accent in this project.
Also in this interior I'm use different kind of lights. The kitchen furniture have warm color backlight,in combination with glass and black color it looks very stylish.Above the kitchen island i put lamps designed by collaboration Diesel and Foscarini. And main lighting in this apartment is a ceiling light. I'm really wanted combine all details in one whole space and I hope that i got it. 

go Design: Tkachova Daria
Location of the object: Kharkiv your social media marketing partner