Avangard apartment

This is the concept of interior design of the first floor (90m²) of a two-storey country house in Poland. The family living in it consists of a young couple and two children: boys of thirteen and ten years old. The aim of the project was to create a modern design, fill every corner of the space with interesting ideas, especially with warm shades. 

Taking this as a basis, I decided to create an interior with elements of artistic avant-garde, without forgetting about the light tones in the design of the house. These soft elements have wooden accents in the concept - kitchen socles, a light parquet board and a wooden decorative panel behind the TV. Entertaining the presence of three men in the family, this project contains rude materials such as concrete, metal and glass. Also, there is an element of comfort - a huge soft sofa, which perfectly completes the living room. 

To make this design more playful, I've decided to plan bright accents such as various red elements - a coffee table in the guest, a wall in the dining area and a catchy picture.

Being responsible for the coziness and propitious atmosphere in the house, I tried to create this comfort, without forgetting about the modern trends in fashion industry.

Location of the object: Poland


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