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Odessa scandinavian


Odessa scandinavian

This is a townhouse located in Odessa. It has 2 floors and an attic. This house was designed for a young family (3 people). 

The task we got was to create a light spacious interior in the Scandinavian style, using elements of minimalism. On the first floor there is a spacious studio kitchen&living room, in its center there is a large table made from solid wood; the cabinet of the family head; a guest bathroom and a wardrobe. On the second floor there is a living zone, a main bedroom with a separate bathroom, a children's and a guest room, and a children's bathroom. The attic floor was made as a zone for having a rest and a cup of tea for family members and their friends. The prevailing tone of this interior's walls is white, furniture elements are made of natural wood. A large number of live plants add coziness and environmental friendliness to this space. 

Design: Vlad Kislenko for Studio "Sivak & Trigubchak"
Location of the object: Odessa


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