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Keep Palm


Keep Palm

This flat has a total area of 90 sq m and compraises a lot of details and functional areas.This project was designed for vacation home.When I create this interior ,I'm choose details frome different styles and try combine it in area in the style of 30s.During the create this project I'm has found a lot different wallpapers,but i didn't saw it in my idea,and when i find this bright and stylish wallpaper ,designed by House of Hackney, I'm understood that this is what i need.Also I'm use modern bed designed by Minotti and armchairs by Crate&Barrel and combined this modern elements with sideboard designed by Prestige.
Main color of this interior-green.It's very much here and second main material-wood.I want create warm atmosphere filled color and details.Paint with monkey and parrot by american painter Walton Ford became a center of all composition,and looks very stylish here.Also i make big rack for books and decor.

Design: Tkachova Daria
Location of the object: Poland your social media marketing partner