Style Apartment

The project of this modern apartment in Kiev (UA) is a unique one as a standard two-roomed flat became a three-roomed due to a thoughtful designers solution. The combination of a black furniture and light wood came as a very stylish idea and that is why some of the walls are laminated as well as the floor. There is a mirror in the hall which allows to see oneself in full growth and additionally it helps to visually expand the space of a room. The TV in the studio can be easily watched from any corner of it regardless of what you are doing: resting on the sofa, enjoying your dinner at the table or cooking in the kitchen. All cushioned furniture is custom made on individual sizes. The area of the balkony is quite small nevertheless it is very functional! It consists of a working place and also some storage space as a nightstand with cushions on top of it as a resting spot.

Design: Empty Wall
Location of the object: Kyiv your social media marketing partner