Minimalistic design


Minimalistic design

This is a new project interior design of the first floor of a private house. Localization Poland, the city of Lodz. The young couple are the customers of this project, which in the near future plans to have children. The requirements of the couple were - modern restrained minimalism. As Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said, "Less is more." First of all, it is worth noting the predominant gradation from white to black, which means a lot of shades of gray. Among the materials were used - concrete, wood and whitewash. 

The living room contains a modular sofa that adds coziness to this cold space. The accent of this house will undoubtedly be a wall with an eco-fireplace and a TV, the perfect combination of materials and geometry helped to achieve a pleasing graphic element. Kitchen in a minimalist manner with hidden handles and appliances. Only green color serves a bright accent in this house, but from this design does not lose its attractiveness. 

The toilet is made in only 2 colors, but what a harmonious and beautiful result we got. I tried in every possible way to please the owners of the house and make their arrival in this space as much as possible intensive.

Location of the object: Lodz (Poland) your social media marketing partner