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GORAL welcomes you. That's how people in Eastern Europe call the mountain inhabitants. We call them Gutsuls. Now we open all the secrets we haven't spoken about during the project realization. The main emotion - the style of the interiors' design - Gutsul-modern-eternal, that is built not on the external ornaments and culture but on their roots. Let's make it clear: Gutsul has grown up in green-black color of a deep spurce - that is the color in the lobby. Also in parents' color - the color of old gold tooth, bronze coins from Europe which made the walls and ceiling of a fireplace room. Here on the fireplace we can also notice subjects of the Austro-cozy resorts. These are the quotes that have always lived in Gutsul-Gorals' families. This emotion is recorded in the Lobby Bar. The Gorgans, one of the highest mountains - Synyak, beneath which is the hotel situated - all are paved with the amazing pictures of mosses and lichens. The rocks are covered with some strange colorful flowers-mushrooms which experience terrible winds and frosts near Synyak that is also all in colorful necklace and lamps with the open sky and alive fire just next to it. This emotion is recorded in the Restaurant. The only place where we can find Gutsul-Kosmatsko-Verhovinsky ornament is a Turkish hammam and GORAL pool in the basement. On the walls we can see a large blue and white experiment with Italian lime-quartz decorative plaster in a unique blue-exclusive technology by poetry method. This emotion is recorded in the SPA. Silhouettes of mountains accompany us to the rooms. 

Design: Osoblyvi Interiors 

Photo: Andy Shustykevych

Location of the object: Bukovel

The character of the Carpathians is different than the Alps' or the Himalayas' one. It is well recognizable and native, all in subdued shades. This is the emotion of the corridor. Color is a human power. This is a resource that God has given us for the extraction of natural emotion. This is a  mood stimulator. Color is our gift. The rooms have very emotional colors! There are terracotta-red or deep purple or designer black which are only a few colors that we together with the owner had the courage to roll into the walls. Authentic Gutsul colors. Emotion recorded in bedrooms. At long stays we can see the copyright replicas of paintings of your servant - designer from the series "New pictures of the Carpathians." They have 9 pieces. They made a collection on a single wall in the lobby bar. With love - Yarema Stetsyk and friends from the "Osoblyvi interiors."
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