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River View


River View

River View Apartment, designed by SVOYA STUDIO, was created with combining two apartments with panoramic views of the city and the Dnipro river. A young family of customers expecting a baby expressed a desire for the space with a standard and most comfortable set of premises – a spacious studio with a kitchen, a dining room and a living room, a small cabinet, a nursery and a master bedroom area with a dressing room and a bathroom. The configuration of the apartments was perfect to put this idea into practice – the rooms were located along the panoramic windows, revealing a stunning view of the river, and dressing rooms and bathrooms are in the sector without natural lighting.

In the space of the apartment, the design does not dominate the person, remaining as comfortable as possible - visually, tactilely and functionally. And this laconism is emphasized by high quality and natural materials in decoration and furniture elements.

Panorama from the windows was given the dominant role and after taking up residence the hosts noticed that every day at the same time a huge flock of birds was swirling around the house at the level of the 23rd floor windows - like the installation that came alive.

Photo: Alexander Angelovskiy
Design: SVOYA studio
Location of the object: Dnipro your social media marketing partner