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Slava Balbek & Daria Ovechenko, Nata Kurilenko




A new space 4CITY opened its doors in Odessa. This project is more than a one more trendy spot, it is “Helpful location for Odessa”. 300 investors were involved and a significant part of the income will be spent on social projects in the city.

The original format was realized in the building of a former institution for mud cures. The authors of the project, 2Bgroup bureau, worked attentively with the old space and preserved original millwork, fret and partly old tiles in the restaurant zone. There are co-working, lectures class, restaurant and bar areas in this building.

Photographs: Andrey Bezuglov
 Slava Balbek & Daria OvechenkoNata Kurilenko
Location of the object: Odessa your social media marketing partner