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24 floor


24 floor

This 85 sq. m apartment is located in Kiev, Ukraine and was designed by the studio Azovskiy&Pahomova architects for a young lady with a refined taste. All functional areas with every important detail for the comfortable life are perfectly based on a not very large square. Among them is a spacious living room with a comfortable place for reading and with a big and bright sofa for spending time with guests. Also there is a calm bedroom, where you wouldn’t find something bothering or annoying, modern and elegant kitchen with a round dinner table, a hallway and a bathroom. The concept is based on the contrast of classical and contemporary details. Classic style is represented by wall covering and modern style – by minimalistic furniture and lighting. One of the most interesting details of this project is a floor covering, which is smoothly flowing from the living room to the kitchen and hallway, saving a form, but changing a texture. The monochrome walls look like a canvas, where every object has its own place, whether it is an art-object, furniture or decoration.

Design: Azovskiy&Pahomova Architects 
Location of the object: Kyiv

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