Beauty salon

The place where women are going for creating a beauty. Temple of modern beauty, fashionable hairstyles and unusual manicure. Design of beauty salon should give positive emotions to happy customers. You should know not only the target audience, location and work with the latest trends in design to create the perfect design of beauty salon. Designer must feel the style, form - combine them into a composition to create something extraordinary.

Cult of Design found a connection between elements of the interior, which combined in unique idea of the author.

We created the interior of beauty salon, in which used the trivial decor, and, of course, complied with the stringent requirements of the control authorities. The team used the appropriate materials of processing, to comply with the degree of lighting and regulatory dimensions. The total content of interior meets all requirements - this is a mandatory condition for creating functional and secure interior of beauty salon.

Design: Cult of Design
Location of the object: Lviv your social media marketing partner