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Personalmente, sabiendo esto caminamos un kilómetro ms o menos algo lo suficientemente bueno para nosotros; Pero para aquellos obsesionados con lograr 10.000 pasos o ms, haga clic para la fuente podría eliminar la necesidad de un rastreador de fitness separada. Marra Group




MADELEINE - design of a two-storey house in a small town called "New". In the house lives a married couple with two small children. The house consists of a main zone which includes an entrance group, a kitchen and a living room; The sleeping area consists of a main bedroom and a children's room (for two 5 years boys). Also in the sleeping area is the office with two jobs. In the basement there is a recreation area - a cinema, a gym and a wardrobe.

The basic requests of the customer: to create a house cosiness and quiet colors. As the house is in the forest, we decided that the main finishing material would be a tree. In addition to the natural tone of the wood, we added different tones of gray and brown. In addition to the nuanced colors, there is an additional contrast in almost every functional area. Thanks to this technique (the use of opposite colors) the overall impression of the interior is radically changing for the better. It is very important in modern design to correctly combine warm and cold colors!

In MADELEINE PART 1 we want to talk about the main zone. The main zone includes: an entrance group, transit zones of the first and second floors, a living room, a kitchen-dining room. The living room flows into the kitchen-dining room and forms one large open space.
In the living room was created 8 seats. The eating area consists of a bar and a dining table.  A total of 2 seats have been created at the bar, but you can increase their number if desired. At the dining table can be 6 or 8 people at the same time.

Design: Marra Group
Location of the object: 
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