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Office interior in Vilnius


Office interior in Vilnius

The office is located in the historical area of Vilnius (Lithuania), close to the city center. In the 20th century, the building was used for various administrative purposes.

It was a client wish to convert the apartment into state-of-the-art office. Taking into consideration already existing historical building background the designing process was set up.

The chief design concept is based upon the maintenance of the current unique atmosphere by adhering high-quality original materials (marble, leather, сopper, wood etc). It is Karchman's vision to design a comfortable, worthy, upscale and at the same time modern interior. In order to achieve this mission stated in the design vision, we cared about the processes which are about to take place in the office. Consequently, the interior does not have to distract from the doing business which is a core of the location purpose. The development of the project has therefore valued the individual needs of the office owner and has resulted in the actual typology and color scheme, which is discreet and refined. Author's sculpture works by Nazar Bilyk add a portion of a contemporary art which has nothing but the positive impact upon the whole office perception.

Design: Oleksii Karman
Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko
Location of the object: 
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