Attire for all age divisions is formal pageant wear. With the first division starting at 4 p.m. There will be eight age divisions with a queen and three alternates chosen in each division.divisions are 0-23 months;

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Kassa Design

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Taranka Bar

The task was to make a unique, bright and rich interior, which would act as a pub won’t really look like one. Three banquet halls, without a summer terrace. Zoning in the main hall we did by combining the bar with the standard seating places. Also, the zoning was amplified by directional light.

In Kiev, this is the only place of its kind with such an enormous choice of dried salted fish, there is not another one like it and the customer also wanted to highlight it through the unique interior.

The project was completed in the shortest possible time - 37 calendar days, and this is taking into account sketches, 3 days and turnkey implementation including the facade. 

Kassa Design
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