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We got a not big apartment with high ceilings in the historical center of Kiev to create this interesting living space. This apartment was situated in the house constructed before revolution 1917.

Based on the wishes of the customer the redesign was carried out. In the result we had a large bright and open kitchen-living room with glass partitions to the entire height of the room and two full bedrooms, as well as a corridor, a wardrobe and separate bathrooms with a bath and a shower.

High and light ceilings had very good combination with brick inserts, as well as non-standard accessories and furniture items in loft style such as kitchen, entrance hanger, chest of drawers, shelves, chandeliers, tables, etc. All materials were mostly natural - wood, brick, concrete and metal.

Almost all the furniture and decorative objects in this interior were individual, created and made by designers. Due to the effect of aging and the widespread use of black metal they looked very stylish and emphasized the overall concept of the interior.

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