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Apartment for rent


Apartment for rent

Not often, people who rent a home can boast of the comfort and atmosphere their . So it was interesting to work on a project of an apartment that could become someone's home, even for a certain period of time. First  had to think about re-planning, because it was a typical one-room apartment with a rather simple planning solution..

By combining the space between the kitchen and the living room, it was possible to arrange a small bedroom with all the necessary conditions, and that is very important with the access of natural light, thanks to the metal-glass deflecting structure. The dark blue color has become the main accent of the atmospheric filling of the apartment, giving the depth, purity and space. Quality materials, simple  forms of furniture all that is needed and got this dwelling in order to become a nice home for its inhabitants.

Design: Solomija Kryvous
Location of the object: Lviv
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