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Tsypa Craft Pub


Tsypa Craft Pub

This is not the first project in Ukraine for the first Hutsul brewery - Tsypa. Around 2 years ago, we’ve built the first Tsypa in the Kvasy village, Rakhiv district, Zakarpattia. After that, we’ve designed and build Tsypa in: Rakhiv, Kiev, Nikolaev and of course in Lviv. Tsypa Craft Pub - Lviv is very unique, because of the 6 meter high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows that completely change the way guests view your typical craft pub. A large, bright, clean, and rich in contrast room, with bold wall painting. Just imagine on the pub you will find Lviv’s symbol, which is a lion, but on the painting it’s on a leash near a bare Tsypa with a human body! The place is so big now in Lviv with its good-tasting beer (16 taps) and awesome menu with the emphasis on a Hutsul pizza. This place was created on the spot of a bistro (fast food catering), which had bright orange sofas and armchairs, that’s the only thing that we pretty much kept from the previous owners. 

Design: Kassa Design
Location of the object: Lviv


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