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48 Squere


48 Squere
"48 SQUARE METERS " concept perfectly meets requirements of the customer who needs a comfortable and modern "alternatespace".This space can help you feelhomey home warmth and comfort during busy working days.
This apartment was created for a young couple who spend most of their time on travels and business trips, however love being one-on-one upon return to the hometown.
The apartment has all needed amenities - both for leisure/rest and for urgent work.
Kitchen-studio is equipped with aprojector for viewing family archives. The bedroom is the main space of the apartment as it provides so eagerly awaited rest after long tiring flights. The comfort and warmth of the bedroom lies in soft textiles and natural wood texture on the walls and floor. Successful combination of strict geometry of shapes and sober colors emphasizes the warmth of the sun rays caught by huge windows.
Compact size of the apartment still allowed us to separate active day zone from the night one. Due to the glass partition the rooms are separated, but at the same time come off as a common space, filled with light and offering stunning city view. Basic colors and materials are rather laconic, sometimes even brutal, but complemented with lacedbindings of partitions and graceful lamps.

Design: NeoArch
Location of the object: Lviv your social media marketing partner