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Skyline Residence Loft Apartment


Skyline Residence Loft Apartment
Carol is forced to suspend georgia when it seems she has posted details about the patient on her social media page. Allan is a councillor, who meets with paul robinson and rhiannon bates to discuss the apartments paul wants to build. THE STORY AND THE SOLUTION
People associate loft with open spaces where even a bathroom is unseparated. In Skyline, we made a stylized version of the loft – one-bedroom apartment for a bachelor (or a single woman?). No matter. He and she would be comfortable there.

The interior is simple and honest: concrete walls, wooden floor and brick masonry in the bathroom. The monochrome palette is broken down by the light wood – oak parquet floor and wooden panels on the walls for zoning the flat.

We do not clutter the apartment with decor elements and focused on the free layout and natural materials. The glass wall separates a living room and a bedroom, preserving the integrity the space.

In the loft, as in a detective. For adding up a general picture, you should pay attention to details. Raw unprocessed walls; heavy curtains, where you can hide half of the world from the dazzling rays; and abstract pictures by Sergey Makhno.

Before you buy or download anything for free check if your platform and model is supported! If you are not sure about your phone type just click for source check here. HOW DO WE STYLIZE THE LOFT? OH, A TUBE IS WITH THE LOFT (IN UKRAINE “TUBE” IS A SLANG WORD MEANING A DIFFICULT TASK).
Brutal sketches to the space are open communications. We did not mask the black ceiling wires, allowing them to become an interior emphasis.

The soft furniture (a reading chair in the bedroom, a sofa and a couch in the living room) domesticates the apartment.

Metal formed the basis of luminaires, highlighting the industrial "I" of the space. Four curved drops contrast with others.

Every dish, even made of ordinary ingredients, has own particularity. А spice of this interior is an island that replaced a traditional kitchen table. A perfect thing for a comfortable cooking and a large party throw.

The table top of artificial stone visually enhances the space. A material for the kitchen – matt black steel.

In the wall we hid a mini-library – six shelves with a backlight (not to lose a stash among books).

Traditionally we had no light limits. Loft connected a variety of shapes and colors. Black ceiling chandeliers and floor lamps live together with white and blue spotlights.
Steel elements scattered around the interior resemble about the origins of loft. It seems retro tiles in the bathroom descended from photos of early Soho and sing: " New York, New York" ...

Design: Sergey Makhno Architects
Location: Kyiv.
Photo: Andrey Avdeenko your social media marketing partner