Dubai is a place of hot air, traditions, futuristic architecture, luxury, and expats who mixing it all. In this interior design project of Dubai Villa for the modern young family, we tried to keep luxury mood, love to natural stones and contemporary art. We were guided by family lifestyle and the main purpose of making a functional and cozy home. The project was presented in VR (using 360 renders) with Google dayDream.  

Design: Inna Sparrow
Location of the object: Dubai

Living room for young family, made with contemporary style and luxury intimation. An interior design reflects the lifestyle and passions of each of family member. From the first point of view its possible to notice the love to natural stones, art, and noble metal. Big panno of incredible Fusion marble was used as painting to emphasize masterpiece created by Nature. The use of bronze going as a thread through all the house, on a ground floor it's more than noticeable. Around the main hall all the doorways decorated with bronze inside, which makes an illusion that all the walls made of bronze and just covered with white painting. The main sample of this trick is golden hall which connecting the main round hall and living room. 

The dining room is one open space with living room. Huge sliding doors were transformed to wall decoration, which changing mood of the room in each position. It could hide or open the hidden golden wall behind, or entrance to the secret home bar, or be as a glass decor on a full wall reflecting the room and make it visually bigger.

By the reference, the Master bedroom should be minimalistic and light. Visually we combine in this room light and bronze. Light sleeping area and bronze on a back side, catching the same mood with a bronze glass on a walk-through wardrobe. This part of a daily routine easily hight behind white light curtains with an electric roller.  

Bathroom with an open entrance from the bedroom made with a strong contrast of color and materials. The snow-white Calacatta marble and a black profile of partitions combined with warm Bronze-smoked glass together creating a quiet Luxury masterpiece. The gorgeous bathtub by Agape framed with a marble takes its place as the center of the composition.                                 

What can bring more feeling of home and coziness than a natural material? The real wood with warm light is a main composition of the room and takes all the attention.  The square form is static and provides a feeling of calm and protection. This room was planned for one of a family member. We used a neutral color and a lot of textiles to give some privacy, as this room has a window almost on each wall.

Bedroom of a little FC Barcelona fan. Room divided into few zones: dressing area on the entrance with a two build in wardrobes, studying area with a working table, and podium with a bed. Almost all walls painted white except one which painted dark blue as a ceiling. Red door to the bathroom combining with a blue wall reminds the FC Barcelona flag. This room full of custom-made furniture. Wooden tile on a floor matching with wooden furniture. In a bathroom was used big size tile, trying to catch a football mood. your social media marketing partner