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This Project - Library of the Pinchuk Art Gallety Contemporary art Museum - served as a demonstration of the bureau’s extreme concentration, speed and teamwork. Given that the timeframe of the Project counted as little as 30 days, completing it on-time was another great milestone in the history.  The main task of the project was to create a comfortable working space for the researches, employees of the library and its visitors. Library featured standard and oversize books, brochures and other materials.  Inspired by art collection of the museum as well its interior, architects offered a concept where books were given a central role, they define colour solutions and functionality of the space. Architects aimed to demonstrate that books were the epicentre of the events. To achieve this, pale colours and white prevail in all furniture and other design elements (with exception of a table). 
Architects used 6mm steel sheets to manufacture book shelves which made the frame transparent and light. Console shelves for oversize materials keep the grand weight and strict horizont at the same time.  Interesting detail: in order to make the edge of the metallic construction original, it resembles the Dnipro river shoreline. Such detail adds dynamics to the whole construction.  Lighting on bookshelves and guest chairs have been manufactured by for this particular object.  LESS IS MORE - famous design concept aphorism by Mies van der Rohe  - has been in full realised in this object.
Architect: Slava Balbek, Oleg Matushchenko
Product designer: Sasha KozynetsProject
manager: Dorogov Borys
Photographs: Andrey Bezuglov

Design: architects
Location: Kyiv. your social media marketing partner